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Who We Are

Grant Supplies is an authorized stocking distributor, excelling in supply chain management and value-added inventory solutions.

Founded in 1986, Grant opened its first location in Long Island City, NY with only one goal – “satisfy the customer”. We strive for this by providing innovative and quality supplies at the lowest price with the highest priority in customer service. Today, we operate 4 locations throughout NYC and NJ with warehouses totaling approximately 260,000 square feet. Due to our extensive front sales counter and supporting inside sales team, we take pride in our ability to serve the widest range of customers from inexperienced home owners to sophisticated industrial contractors with multiple projects.

As part of the nation’s $100 billion electrical distribution industry, we partner with leading manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality equipment, along with superior technical support and service. We are honored to be relied on to efficiently bring new products to the market. Our team uses their expertise to recommend products, introduce new technologies, and deliver the materials. We are proud to continually build a team of some of the most knowledgeable, accountable, and diverse in the industry.

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Business Advantage

Project Management

Grant provides project management and other related services which are essential to the successful completion of any assignment. These services include:

  • Efficient scheduling 
  • Direct purchasing
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Accurate cost estimation
  • Cost control

Customized Engineering

As a full service provider, we are experts not only in efficient and successful project completion but also in engineering. Our professional engineers will create the best plan for each particular project. Services include engineering and design of electrical power systems and substation electrical control systems. We also prepare project-specific schematic drawings, wiring diagrams, termination drawings and logic diagrams.

Our engineers have the expert knowledge to fully support any projects you may have. In accordance with customer's specifications, Grant provides a tailor-made and competitively priced package in the areas of electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering, instrumentation and control, and energy management systems.

Grant Partnership Program

What's the value of a partnership? Grant values its customers, suppliers, and associates. Our company initiatives, or value drivers, illustrate our commitment to providing superior service to our customers, mutual benefit to our valued supplier partners, and a work environment of excellence and respect for our associates.

Grant History


Established Grant Supplies 36th ave 21st street, LIC, NY


Acquire adjacent building
on 39-15 21st street, LIC, NY


Established Grant Plumbing & Heating Supplies, Inc.


Established G & G International Trading Company New York Office


Established G & G International Trading Company Guam Office


Established Korea(Seoul) Office


Established Guam Office



Established Grant Communications, Inc. d/b/a/ Netzoa Communications


Established Central Distribution Center at Long Island City NY


Established South Hackensack NJ Branch Electrical Division


Established Belleville NJ Branch Electrical Division


Launched MrSupply.com(e-Commerce)


Established and Expanded Central Distribution Center at Teaneck NJ


Established Teaneck NJ Branch Electrical/ Plumbing Division


Established Apollon Wire & Cable Inc. at Teaneck NJ (Wire Manufacturer & Wholesaler)


Established South Hackensack NJ Branch Plumbing Division


Established Supply Dr., Inc. Fontana CA Branch


Established Apollon Wire & Cable Fontana CA Branch (Wire & Cable Manufacturer)


Established Tamuning GU Branch